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Go sign up for February Album Writing Month and/or The RPM Challenge!

Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2019 1:00 pm
by Saltbearer
February Album Writing Month goal: Create 14 new songs entirely within the month of February.

The RPM Challenge goal: Create 10 new songs *and/or* 35 minutes of music entirely within the month of February.

These challenges are not competitive, and their suggested goals are merely suggestions. The important thing is that by shooting for the goal of completing them, you can squeeze some freakin' cool stuff out of yourself. I made seven tracks last February that weren't far off from meeting my standards: (really oughtta go back and give them that extra bit of love...)

Would be nice to see s'more SunVox rep - or electronic music in general! I haven't seen RPM in action yet, but FAWM seems more geared toward an older audience of singer-songwriter guitar players. All types of music are welcome though, and the community is always supportive and encouraging! A lot of people are up for collaboration, too, if you want to try to feature singing or live instrumentation.