Sunvox Dll for Nokia900 + Maemo

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Sunvox Dll for Nokia900 + Maemo

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Gratulations to Sunvox.

I am looking for a Sunvox Dll for Nokia900 + Maemo.
Or is it possible to compile the Sunvox_api_example for Maemo?
I use Scratchbox armel for compiling and get alsa error when the
interactive_sound from Sunvox_api_examples starts on my Nokia.
My custom Makefile uses fixed point for sound.

I am asking because I need sound for a little app,
and fluidsynth has some problems. ( with pulseaudio )
Sunvox is State of the Art for me, concerning mobile Musik.

I have several other Questions concerning used SDks
and Tools for Wince, but thats less urge.

Thank You very much for Your Hacking

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