How to properly load an existing sample?

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How to properly load an existing sample?

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Hi guys! I'm relatively new to Sunvox Android and I'm having a hard time loading external instruments / samples. Is there a proper way to do it? What I encounter is that whenever I would select a sample it just won't load despite the correct file type. Do you also encounter the same? Appreciate your response . Thanks!
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Re: How to properly load an existing sample?

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Please elaborate re external instruments. For samples make sure the file is Wav or apple equivalent. The XI format can be loops or instrument sample. Not sure about this forum, but in others it's been my experience that if you want help, make absolutely certain that you can't find the answer yourself. Give back and help others etc. Sunvox has a high turnover rate ;). You might need to ask twice so that people know you are committed to learning the platform. People will warm up to you eventually so don't get discouraged. :D You will get a quicker response perhaps asking about how to create sounds edit patterns etc.
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