been making music with sunvox for a while but

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been making music with sunvox for a while but

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I feel my music still lacks the kind of sounds others seems to have mastered with sunvox. How could I make my songs sound more proffesional like? Do I need to know the inside and outs of the program? Please help me with any answers, videos of tutorials and whatna that could help me out.


Any people here mastered ether trap or dubstep I'd like to see how the song is structured and done if possible via file or youtube video Thanks.
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Re: been making music with sunvox for a while but

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I am not very good but have been doing and producing music for a while now with different software. SunVox being the one that I prefer to compose in.
There is no easy way to learn to get things to sound professional. It is a lot to learn. The biggest advice I can give you is that if you are going to learn is to keep being inspired. So do not torture yourself too much. Take time too learn something difficult but when it gets too much go back and do fun things that you enjoy. Do not make things too complicated before you understand how things work.
It is great to learn SunVox more deeply but to get it to sound good you need to learn the same things as in any other software.
Meaning how to produce and this will take time as electronic music have so many variables.
So if compression is something that is difficult for example just start to see a lot of tutorials on compression. Compression works the same way in SunVox as in other software. Slowly knowledge will be building up and one day you will wonder why certain concepts was so hard to understand before...
I do also believe that it is a good thing to learn an instrument and the basics of rhythm to not only make your tracks stand out but also because it will be making music making soo much more fun.

In either case as in any creative endeavors there is not really any shortcuts and the shortcuts that are out there are just like a sugary sweet that are not really good for you and will ultimately disappoint...

Even if the above sounds horribly boring and may discourage you I will also say that if you stick to your guns the rewards are endless and beautiful!
To be creative and be in the zone. To have created something that are of your own labor that expresses something that adds to your own experience of the world and being so good that it adds to other peoples experience as well is golden.
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Re: been making music with sunvox for a while but

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Hello. My first post. I tried learn this (sunvox) as I have all others. This was a mistake. There arn't any shortcuts to learning Sunvox. Learn one aspect until it becomes second nature, then move to the next. Discouraged? Skip to something in Sunvox thats easier or fun. 4 weeks and 100+ hours in, followed most examples, watched 50 youtube videos and 10 created tracks later. Im still a mess. But this is a good foundation... Its allowed me to put what I don't know into perspective. Now that I'm cognizant as to what I don't know, I can focus on what I suck at. :) Regardless, with my first release, mark my words :). I WILL make an ass of myself. :D Something I'm quite good at ;).
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Re: been making music with sunvox for a while but

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I have had an ongoing relationship with computer music since I learned how to program PC speaker melodies in the scripting language in the old DOS shareware game ZZT, and while it waxes and wanes (after getting a bachelor's degree in it back around the turn of the millennium.
I was so burned out on computer music that I got an old reel to reel 8 track and spent the better part of the next decade keeping the computer turned off as much as possible) in the last few years I have found myself doing more and more electronic music production and sound design, and while I work almost entirely out of the box these days I've experimented with every piece of software I can get my hands on.
One fairly recent program that I always found myself coming back to was a deceptively simple modular tracker called SunVox.
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