a few simple suggestions for armzx (and one harder one)

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a few simple suggestions for armzx (and one harder one)

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A couple of simple suggestions for armzx:

an emulator pause/unpause button that is bindable to a hardkey so i dont have to quickly exit the emulator when I need to pause which gets me 'killed' as I have to pick up my stylus.

The ability to create new "saved game slots" ie. so I dont have to override an old saved slot. Also, an option so you can have the option *not* to save over a tape image of another program that would be a bonus. Yesterday I saved over a game with an image of another game.

A harder suggestion:

Being able to minimize the keyboard. Maybe use the rainbow picture on the bottom right of the keyboard as the minimise button. Games such as loderunner are hard to play when the screen is so small.

By making these "registered" upgrades more people would want to register.

Thanks agin for the great app.

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