PalmOS Software

PalmOS nedosound

Audio engine for old PalmOS devices.
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ArmZX v1.52

Spectrum 48K Emulator for PalmOS5. User friendly interface, sound, variable emulation speed and SNA/TAP files support.
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PsyTexx v1.8

PsyTexx is the first Amiga-MOD based player and tracker for PalmOS. There is a huge amount of MOD music files in the Web. You can play them on the PsyTexx or use for creation of own music. PsyTexx has powerful 8-channel track editor with some additional effects such as multichannel echo, volume fade and other.
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PsyTexx II

PsyTexx II is the cross-platform music tracker based on the XM (FastTracker eXtended Module) format. Currently it's available for a following OS: Windows, Linux (X11 and text console) and PalmOS.
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Experimental version of the USB card reader. It contains two parts: PalmCard (server part for Palm) and cardreader (client part for Linux). Source code is included.
Download PalmCard (binary + sources)


Very simple graphics editor for drawing directly on the screen of your Palm-launcher. Press any button for menu.
Not compatible with the latest PalmOS5 devices. Works with T|T, but not with Zire and others.
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JPEG Viewer

Simple JPEG Viewer for your Palm. Supports internal memory and flash-cards.
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