Quantum VJ
Limited edition. Manual assembly.
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Software version

What is Quantum VJ

Quantum VJ is a glitch-style 8-bit pendant and audio visualizer. Any audio source can be connected to this device through the jack plug (3.5mm). It also can visualize some electromagnetic interference and the "soul modulations" of the owner when the audio ports are not connected. There are nine display modes that can be switched by the button.

  • version: 0003; (changelog);
  • size: 28x50 mm;
  • display: 128x64 monochrome OLED;
  • power: CR2032 battery (not included);
  • two 3.5mm TRS audio inputs; one can be used as output for headphones;
  • board color: BLUE;
  • cord length: ~70 mm.



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