Any tips on doing live loop on SunVox?

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Any tips on doing live loop on SunVox?

Post by Electroretard » Mon Dec 10, 2018 2:00 pm

Hi I'm a newbie, and I'm kind of confused when I want to do live looping in SunVox, like I can edit a pattern while the whole project is playing, but if I try to do something in the timeline like cloning a pattern, it just stopped. Also the recording function is quite difficult for me. Is there any way to record or edit new patterns while playing the existing ones? :( Thanks guys.

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Re: Any tips on doing live loop on SunVox?

Post by Keres » Sat Dec 29, 2018 7:20 am

U know, u got a good point. Sunvox, I am told behaves in a way that would make live changes to the patterns impossible. It is for that reason that there might be an integrated tool to fix this some day. What tool I think about is would be something like the C-1 from Jeskola Buzz. Thing is, most people now days use midi extensively since it is so cheap. Keep in mind that midi performance with sunvox is excellent. I think your solution is to get sunvox receiving midi from another sunvox box, hit record, twiddle the midi loop in the new box. U might even be able to get it to work on one box, but that is another topic. I know nothing about software midi.

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