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Best tempo / TickRate ratio ? (pitch bending ?)

Posted: Fri Jan 07, 2011 2:09 pm
by xaccrocheur
Hi everyone& Merry Xmas !

I'm trying to figure out the Best tempo / TickRate / pattern length ratio for my songs ; You see, I'm staring at a new pattern here ; It's a "liquid" melody using a sine wave (generator module) and the "03 - Slide to note" STD effect. It basically does what I want, but I can hear slight sound aliases when the note is travelling fast from A2 to G3... (kind of like the simple example "slide_down.sunvox")

There is one note every two rows, like so :

000 a1 04 --------------
001 -----------------------
002 b2 04 0003 0040
003 -----------------------
004 a1 04 0003 0080
005 -----------------------
006 b2 04 0003 0040
007 -----------------------
008 c3 04 0003 0040

What is the Best tempo / TickRate ratio to achieve really progressive (fast & slow) note sweeps ?

EDIT Now I tried a *lot* of synths, and everyone behaves in the same manner : The note is not really pitching up to the new note, but rather repeated very quickly... Like if the keyboardist "slide" his finger over the keyboard (that would make sense given the name of the effect) but what I really want is a *pitch bend* of my note from n to n, is there any way to do it in Sunvox ?

PS - on a side note, this effect is quite hard to achieve in a simple and intuitive manner in "traditional" pianoRoll-based sequencers, that's one of the reason I'm now decided to dig seriously into trackers : To be able to control precise pitch-bends, numerically. Please help me...?

Re: Best tempo / TickRate ratio ? (pitch bending ?)

Posted: Fri Jan 07, 2011 7:57 pm
by NightRadio
I'll try to explain.
Slide to note is discrete. Frequency increased/decreased every tick. But not continuously, not 44100 times per second.

For example:
000 a1 04 ---------------
001 b2 04 0003 0040
TPL = 6.
So a1 will slide to b2 in 6 steps.

Another example:
000 B1 04 ---------------
001 C2 04 0003 0040
002 -------- 0003 0040
B1 will slide to C2 in 12 steps.

The cost of this approach - fast algorithms. And almost all classical trackers work on the same principle.
But one day I plan to improve this feature. Moreover, it has already been tested in the PsyTexx.

Re: Best tempo / TickRate ratio ? (pitch bending ?)

Posted: Thu Jun 12, 2014 10:34 pm
by xaccrocheur
NightRadio, sorry to reply so late, I guess it took me that much time to understand ; Thank you for your answer :) Indeed, it sweeps allright.